Majority Attack Cost Calculator
If an attacker has in their control 0 and 0 hashrate, they will be able to generate blocks at the same average speed as the honest network.
Current Testnet Parameters
Best Block
Ticket Pool Size
Ticket Price
Adjustable Parameters
Attack Time
Electricity Cost
Exchange Rate
Attack Type
PoW Attack
Mining Device:
A % PoW attack would need 0 Ph/s. PoW attack requires adding 0 Ph/s to the existing 0 Ph/s network hashrate.
New network hashrate will be 0 Ph/s.
In order to acquire a 0 Ph/s hashrate, it would take 0 at a cost of $0 USD to buy them.
Electricity consumed by 0 in 0 is 0 kWh.
Cost of 0 electricity consumption for 0 is $0 USD.
To carry out the attack, additional costs for facilities and cooling are estimated at % of the cost of the miner(s).
The additional facility cost is $0 USD.
Total PoW attack cost: $0 USD.
PoS Attack
Current total staked is 0 DCR.
An internal % PoS attack would need 0 tickets.
0 DCR is needed for the attack (0 DCR * 0%).
Total PoS attack cost: $0 USD (0 DCR * $0 USD/DCR).
Current total staked is 0 DCR.
An external % PoS attack would add 0 DCR to the total staked.
New total staked will be 0 DCR.
The projected ticket price is 0 DCR (A 0% change).
Total PoS attack cost: $0 USD (0 DCR * $0 USD/DCR).
Total attack cost: $0 USD